Slow Down

Taking the foot off the accelerator...

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Most of my college education summarized in a few pages

I was recently cleaning my bookshelf and came across a folder containing what is essentially a condensed summary of most of the technical things I learned in my ECE classes...

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The most important lesson I learned as a kid

My mother is a teacher, and her entire life has been dedicated to providing guidance to my sister and I to become the best that we can be. However, there is one particular lesson she taught me very early on that has stuck with me and has been extremely important in my life...

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Impostor Syndrome

This is a term I first heard about very recently at a conference and prompted me to do some more research. Turns out most people I know (myself included) have either felt in the past or currently experience this in some form or another...

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I am not referring to Newton's laws of dynamics here... I want to explore the idea of how seemingly small achievements in our every day lives can add up to help us become motivated to do more...

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Rediscovering the joy of reading

Middle school and high school killed reading for me. For years I could not understand people who claimed they enjoyed reading and did so for fun. All that changed during my last few weeks at Cornell...

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So what is the point of this website?

Whenever I tell friends and family that I've created a website, they all seem to ask me the same set of questions: What's the point of this? Are you trying to show off? Are you selling something? My first blog post is to answer some of these questions and explain both how and why I've decided to make this...

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